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that's the way (i like it)

a happy new year to you all!

we're back home at my place. went to a party and we're both only half drunk!
set the timer of the vcr to tape jools' annual hootenanny on bbc two before we went.

soon after we arrived, a woman in her late forties or early fifties persisted in wanting to dance with me. i didn't mind dancing with her but after a while i got tired of her pressing her tits against mine. i suggested that there were several other people who were dying to dance with her. and off she went.

at the stroke of midnight my baby and i kissed and wished each other a happy new year. shaking hands and/or hugging dozens of other people, more than half of them total strangers, while watching the fireworks outside.

the first song i heard this new year was abba's happy new year. followed by an hour of disco music: a couple of tracks from the saturday night fever album, kc & the sunshine band, the village people.. if i remember correctly i even heard fleetwood mac which isn't exactly disco, is it? ok let's call it music from the seventies..

saw that woman again. while most people were ignoring her, she was pulling up her t-shirt and showing everyone her flabby boobs.

the music was more contemporary by now. by the way, how should we call this decade? we have had the seventies, eighties, nineties.. but what are we having right now? the double zeros or something? anyway, we danced some more, drank some more.. around half past two the first people started leaving and we decided to go home as well.

we walked home, which took us about half an hour. it was quite cold, possibly freezing a little, but you don't really notice that when you're talking and laughing all the way, in the company of the greatest friend you can have..

this is one of the biggest posts ever on my livejournal. i hope this isn't all too incoherent, i don't even know exactly what i've written, i just kept on typing. maybe i'm more than half drunk.

time to go to bed now.. goodnight..


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Dec. 31st, 2002 11:47 pm (UTC)
Re: i hope this isn't all too incoherent,
Love it!!! Thank you for sharing so much with us. :)
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