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this is rather strange. look at my belly!
ok i can tell some of you are in need of some reassurance right now..
i'm not with child!
it must be all the water that i've been drinking lately. well, not all the water..
oh you know what i mean.

i don't want to miss dennis bergkamp's testimonial this afternoon.
maybe we'll take the tv with us to the garden.
or not if there's too much noise outside..

have a good weekend!

for those of you in the uk: the match is on channel 5
& on tg4 in ireland


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Jul. 22nd, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)
That is a very sexy belly. :D
Jul. 22nd, 2006 07:55 am (UTC)
i can stick out my belly too, but i can't come close to that awesome rack
Jul. 22nd, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
Uh, wow. Yeah, that was my first thought. :) If it's just the water I'm sure it'll pass. ;)

That might be worth of a post in tummyfetish.
Jul. 22nd, 2006 04:56 pm (UTC)
You have a wonderful weekend too.
Jul. 22nd, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
"Toothpick Mimulus"
It looks like grew some new boobs too!
Jul. 22nd, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
Jul. 23rd, 2006 04:20 am (UTC)
tam you look superbe as always, with a big belly or not so big belly!

i get your email and i will answer it later. yes i am fine. maybe not great but also not dead.
maybe a good time for tams think tank to come together? maybe only by phone or email. what do you think? :D
Jul. 24th, 2006 01:00 am (UTC)
wow, i really did a double take when looking through my friend page and saw the belly, thinking that your last set of pictures didn't really seem to hint at pregnancy, and they were rather recent. well, thanks for clarifying; though i would have congratulated you if you were [trying and] successful at getting pregnant :)
Jul. 24th, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
It is nice to see your belly! :->
Jul. 31st, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)

i SWEAR that looks like yer with child
Dec. 6th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
weird, the same thing happpens to me after sex.
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