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clementines & cohen

nikon d70
1/20 sec
no flash


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Nov. 18th, 2006 01:53 am (UTC)
cohen? leonard cohen?

+ i really like the photo.
Nov. 18th, 2006 04:38 pm (UTC)
Very impressive, particularly since you didn't use a flash.
Nov. 21st, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
flash would have killed the atmosphere.
actually, i was testing different aperture sizes. f/5.0 worked best. if you let in less light, the camera will of course choose a slower shutter speed. that might often be better with these kind of subjects, for depth of field etc, but not in this case. the slower the shutter speed got, the more the candle flame sort of burned a hole into this picture..
Nov. 21st, 2006 02:41 am (UTC)
It would have.
I guess I'm just kind of suprised that F stop worked so well. Then again, I hadn't really considered the "burn through" of the candle. I'm guessing you had this on a tripod/etc?
Nov. 26th, 2006 07:22 am (UTC)
yes i did. not only because of various shutter speeds, but it was easier to do it this way.

i believe i'm quite good at holding my camera steady, but then i guess everybody claims he can.
1/30 and faster i can manage. i think. i hope.. :p
Nov. 26th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
I thought as much. I certainly hoped so. :) (If you didn't need a tripod for that, I'd have been impressed.) It should've made it easier to get consistent tests if nothing else since the camera is always in the same position, it's simpler to compare.

You might be for all I know. I've known a few people that could get good shots by had at those sorts of shutter speeds. I, however, am not one of them. :)
Nov. 19th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
Lovely photo. And lovely choice of poet.
Nov. 19th, 2006 04:24 am (UTC)
that is such a great photo!

is it a book of poems? leonard cohen's or others too?
Nov. 21st, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
only leonard cohen
the book is called stranger music
selected poems and songs
Nov. 19th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
gorgeous! are those clementines? they add a lot to the artistic quality.

thanks for the b-day wishes :D
Nov. 19th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
oops, should have read the title... nice clementines ;)
Nov. 20th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
Is a great site for photography.You may appeciate it.
Nov. 21st, 2006 02:23 am (UTC)
thanks, i'll check it out..
Nov. 20th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
thats a very lovely photo. i like your choice of cameras also! (i use a d100) im also a big fan of no flash. pretty much ever.
Nov. 21st, 2006 02:28 am (UTC)
thank you. i tried different aperture sizes, as i explained here.
oh i own five cameras but i use the nikon the most. it's a great camera..
Nov. 22nd, 2006 06:41 pm (UTC)
i like to use the higher f# and long shutter speeds sometimes, it gives a greater depth to the color sometimes (if you get the shutter time too long or too short though it sucks!) i really love using candle light for photos also. i did an entire photoshoot once by candle light, it was fun :)

i also use a higher f# sometimes for waterfalls, and ahalf second or so shutter speed to make the water appear brushed, or smooth. its a cool technique but you need a tripod (or the camera sitting on something)
Nov. 26th, 2006 07:56 am (UTC)
how do you like the d100?
& wasn't it expensive? :p

around the time that i bought the d70 a guy at work told me a certain Canon EOS was a better choice. i don't remember which one but it was in the same price range.
i don't know if he was right or not. i love my d70 so who cares..
Nov. 26th, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
i loveeee the d100. its heavy though, and its kind of bulky big. but it has really nice features on it, and i also got a remote that works with it that has some nice things (you can control shutter speed more accurately, and for longer times than with just the camera body alone, up to 24 hours lol) like not moving the camera at all (sometimes pushing the button even on a tripod you can move it slightly using timed exposures causing slight blur) anyways zzZZZ yeah, i love it. at the time i bought it (just before the d200's came out) the prices were going way down, and i got a pretty good price by getting a package deal with two other lens, and a few accesories (all ed glass nikon lens)

i really love the canon cameras also. i also had a hard time choosing between those eos models and the d100 at the time. i think the canons and nikons see light and color differently. i like the way that canons see color better, but i like the way nikons see light better. that is about as simple as i could describe it haha. i dont know if its the electronics or the sensors, but you can take the same picture with just about any camera and see some differences on the same settings.

im really happy with the d100 though, id love to own a canon also actually :) im trying to decide if its worth it getting a different lens mount, or sticking with nikon so i can use the same lens i have now with the new camera (one of the lens i have is very nice, its a 200 mm macro lens that was very exp, its hard for me to justify getting another one for a different mount!)
Nov. 30th, 2006 02:18 am (UTC)
So talented....
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