in your arms it's a raining pleasure.. (tamar) wrote,
in your arms it's a raining pleasure..

this may not be of interest to many people, but last week it was one year ago that i answered my first support request. i remember the exact date, december 5th, because that's when we celebrate sinterklaas in this country. so my 1st support anniversary went by without fanfare, mostly because i haven't been participating actively lately. if you were expecting me to write about how much fun it is to do support, about the great friends i've met through support, the #lj_support channel.. i will write that entry, but not now. i'll save it for when i'm really back and more involved in support again.

we got ourselves a tree this week. it isn't fully decorated yet. just like with other bits and pieces in the house, it is a gradual process. not something we plan to do at one particular moment. yes, i guess you could say that without too much effort we're slowly trying to get into the christmas spirit.

think happy thoughts, my friends. happy thoughts..

oh & if you are a support volunteer, please read this, if you haven't already..
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