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we've had wimbledon on seven channels this week. what luxury!
unfortunately these channels don't come with lots of free time to watch all this tennis..
& i guess i would also need more tv sets
but before you run to the shops to get me those, you should probably buy me a bigger house first..

i'm also trying to catch as much as i can of glastonbury.
(btw lauren laverne & i should really have a snog this year..)

& hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions here.
i am definitely going to get the legend of zelda: twilight princess soon, and i want to buy something mario-ish as well..

♥ peace ♥


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Jul. 5th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
i believe at one point during the programme she talked about her engagement ring, so you can probably forget about having a snog :P

oh tam, i have a last.fm account now too!
and i friended you!

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