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last night we went to see a band named anathema. saskia had bought the tickets weeks ago, and even though she knew that i hadn't heard a single track of theirs before yesterday, she thought i would like them. and i must say, i quite enjoyed myself.

we've done that for years, actually.. exploring new avenues, not sticking to one genre of music, especially when the artists are performing (more or less) locally.

i wasn't quite sure what to wear so i decided to keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a black top. i hadn't seen as many guys with long hair and/or ponytails at one place in years. also, with some of the songs i saw a number of people making a two-finger sign. i'm not certain if i should practice how to do that. oh and i'm referring to this gesture, not the well-known peace sign.. :D



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Apr. 24th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
ooh, their name sounds familiar. I've never really been one to throw up the horns myself, though I do like the heavy metal/hard rock scene...could just be personal preference in that regard. =)
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