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there's always something.
these days hardly any major event goes by without some kind of incident..
here's what happened yesterday:

during the national remembrance day ceremony at the dam square in amsterdam which was attended by the queen, a man set off a panic reaction among the crowd. while a two-minute silence was observed in memory of our nation's war dead, the man who appeared to be dressed in orthodox jewish clothing held his arms above his head and was muttering to himself at first but then suddenly started screaming. the crowd began to panic and several people were being trampled underfoot. dozens of people required medical attention.

in this case the guy might just be a disturbed individual, but it can't be denied that behaviour like this is a sign of the times. this is a world that has become increasingly aggressive and rude. a world in which people feel they have the right to say or do anything they like, without caring about the consequences of their actions. a world where people can't shut the fuck up for two minutes and show some respect..


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May. 6th, 2010 04:08 am (UTC)
There are some really crazy people in this world. Thats pretty fucked up, and yeah... a sign of our times. (unfortunately)
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