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i have been in a weird kind of mood since somewhere between christmas and new year's eve. as usual, it might be a combination of things.

file under: depression, if you wish.
it's not exactly that winter blues thing (seasonal affective disorder) so i'll probably not end up sitting in front of a light box for hours a day. some light can't hurt though, and someone already made the suggestion that i should head outside as much as possible during the day. brave the bad weather and try to catch some real sunlight. i think that's a good idea, even if it would mean that i will sometimes have to force myself.

it's not yet time to see a doctor. right now a good talk with a philosopher (if i could only find one) might be just as helpful.. :) i think i can slowly climb out of this myself. and it's good to know that should i need help, i can rely on the people around me.

thanks, everyone, for your holiday cards, PMs, emails, vgift, birthday wishes..
happy new year!


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Jan. 8th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Aarzel niet om te mailen, mocht ik je waar dan ook mee kunnen helpen. Wil best mee filosoferen..
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