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i'm a little behind on some things like posting in my journal, replying to comments, answering emails..

this is about the office tour de france pool. i need to write this down, if only as a reminder for myself that next year i need to change the rules again, make it a little more complicated than this year. in the 2012 edition you had to pick the numbers one, two and three, plus the best placed dutchman. just about everyone was right about who would win the tour, and wrong about everything else.

my own picks were:
1. Bradley Wiggins
2. Denis Menchov
3. Cadel Evans

best dutchman: Bauke Mollema

since there is no clear winner, i think i'm going to spend all the money on booze and try to stay drunk for at least a week half of this year's entry fees will stay in the office money jar, and like every year the other 50% will go to a charity.