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knackered. sleeping problems and strange dreams that are on the verge of crossing the border into nightmare land. had over a week's worth of friends page entries to catch up on. somehow that didn't take as long as it would have in the old days. in a way, this makes me a little sad.. i am not going to comment on doping users in cycling right now or the people who have been looking the other way for whatever reason. this past week i have been listening to stuff by a dutch band named within temptation. on their fourth studio album there is a track that features the vocals of a keith caputo. i had never heard of her or her band life of agony. i say "her" because she is now known as mina caputo. yes i did watch the third and final presidential debate. didn't see it live, but it was the first i saw in its entirety. i'm not going to bother formatting this entry any further. if you want to see an actual (un)ordered list, just use your imagination.. :)