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less is less

i knew there was a catch. ok so i told fotki:

i find it very annoying that you keep changing the url of my pics

i got an answer the next day:

URLs are changing only if you have Basic account or you are direct linking original photos. Basic accounts do not have an option to link directly and full size photos are prohibited from linking externally.

i know about direct linking. that's when you have an image on your page that comes from someone else's server and that other person is paying for the extra bandwidth. but that's not what is happening here. the people of fotki want you to store your pictures there. they even encourage you to create online photo albums. and besides, it's me who took the pics, not anyone else.

yeah yeah i know there's no free lunch..


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Jun. 8th, 2003 09:28 pm (UTC)
There's always a catch. And we live and learn.
Believe me, I should know. I used to have a Geocities website. Hey don't laugh! I got out after they introduced this new terms of service agreement, which meant that everything you posted on your site became their property.
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