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to belgium

my girlfriend and i are going away for a few days. a friend of saskia's dad has a cottage in belgium near the coast, not far from the dutch border. four days we'll be staying there. friday nov. 28th - monday dec. 1st.

this guy won't be using this house for maybe a month, so we could stay longer, but i can't get more than two days off work. neither of us know this region, but we're told it's very nice and not to mention quiet there.

i think it'll be fun. i'm already imagining long walks on the beach, checking out old shops, browsing in book stores (for old books as well as new ones)..
i don't mind if it's going to be cold, that's what you expect this time of the year, as long as it doesn't rain the whole time we are there.

update: the date has changed. we'll be there from friday 12 - monday 15 december.