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i had a super birthday! i know you have all been waiting for me to tell you how it went. :p

i had taken the afternoon off work and that's when my mum and dad came and a few good friends. saskia's parents are abroad at the moment, otherwise they would have come too.
we listened to some music and some of us played an old-fashioned board game called mens erger je niet. one of these friends is a guy who buys between five and ten cd's each week and he doesn't allow the opportunity to slip by to tell you all about his latest purchases. he doesn't brag, he just wonders why other people have such a small cd collection. he's a nice guy and he has a good taste in music.
another friend is a girl i know since our last year at elementary school. i hadn't seen her for six months. she's studying in another town and also lives there. we talk on the phone every month or so, but that's a poor substitute for a real conversation. you miss the eye contact, the touch of a hand. but i digress..

we all had a nice meal:
stir-fried chinese noodles with mushrooms and anchovies. delicious and quite easy to make. when someone is interested in the recipe, i might post it later. here in this journal or in food_porn. but then i'll need to get familiar with american weights and measures first..
oh and a salad
and homemade apple pie

the guests were all left by twelve. while we were watching a movie (lucía y el sexo), saskia and i had a lot of fun with each other and a jar of cranberry sauce. but you don't want to hear about that, do you?
i believe we went to bed at half past three..

oh yeah the presents i received:
two books:
zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. i read it years ago, but now i have my own copy of the book.
the journals of denton welch. this looks very promising. when i have read some bits from it, i'll tell you more..
one cd:
the pulp fiction soundtrack
a little box with scented candles
eau de toilette
temporary tattoo transfers

\/ peace..


Jan. 7th, 2004 12:00 am (UTC)
Chinese noodles? Is dat bami? Lijkt me lekker, alleen mijn vader lust geen ansjovis. Zegt ie tenminste. ;)
Fijn dat je een leuke dag hebt gehad. En Lucía y el sexo was laatst nog een paar keer op Canal+ maar heb ik toch nog niet gezien.
Okee later
Jan. 7th, 2004 09:00 pm (UTC)
ja bami. de meeste mensen lusten eigenlijk best ansjovis, maar vaak niet op een pizza. en die film hebben we ook inderdaad van canal+ opgenomen.