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three things

1 - william gibson takes a trip to the grocery store and winds up in the middle of the frozen foods aisle experiencing a series of revelations about steely dan.

2 - yesterday morning i was asked about my new year's resolutions. this person obviously doesn't know me very well. i'm never really in a resolution making mood, especially not around this time of year. unless i get very drunk on new year's eve, but by the time i wake up the next day i wouldn't remember anything i've said anyway.

when there is something i want to change, i try to change it right there and then. why wait? i'm not saying that this works every single time, it's just my way of avoiding too much stress. desperately trying to keep all these promises at the start of a new year, that doesn't sound too healthy.

3 - and yes,

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Feb. 3rd, 2004 05:22 am (UTC)
ik ben gestopt met roken. Maar dat wilde ik toch al. Nieuwjaar was leuk om als einddatum te nemen. Dan kan ik tenminste eens zeggen dat ik me aan mijn goeie voornemens gehouden heb.
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