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yesterday's news

i tried to post this yesterday, but livejournal wouldn't let me..

in our own little the hague, at the international court of justice, the hearings to decide about the legality of the 'security-wall' across palestine have started. according to palestinians the construction of this wall is yet another case of land grabbing by the israeli government. israel has decided not to attend the hearings, but it sends a bus. this bus, destroyed in a suicide bombing, was flown in from israel and displayed in the hague. and then there's the israeli embassy, supplying photographs of bomb victims to groups in support of the wall, to carry them on street protests.

in my opinion, seeking justice in a court of law is a far more decent thing to do than the tasteless pr-tactics of the government of israel to get the media and public opinion on their side.


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Feb. 24th, 2004 03:41 pm (UTC)
i agree. if they wanted to follow the same tactics the palestinians would have to bring all the rubble from their demolished homes.
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