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the good life

with temperatures around 20°c today, you'd almost forget it's still winter. this afternoon i was sipping australian chardonnay (kangaroo ridge) with two good friends in their tiny garden. we sat at a small round metal table next to what i believe was a cherry tree. the pasta with tomato and basil sauce was quite tasty, as were the thin slices of baguette with garlic butter. (i just thought you wanted details, i can't help it if this makes your mouth water)

discussing the pros and cons of a democracy and how we should explain to our future kids why we always end up with politicians who make such a mess of things. and isn't it cool to have your own favourite cartoon character at our age? mine is a girl called macie lightfoot from as told by ginger. i haven't studied psychology enough to explain that. talking about photography made me realize i really miss my minolta. (more about that another time)

on this beautiful day, nothing much could have gone wrong. and nothing did, except that when i arrived home i noticed that my watch had stopped.