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sleepless nerd

i couldn't sleep so i got myself something to drink. i'm nerdy enough to turn on the computer in the middle of the night and check my mail. what i shouldn't have done is look on icq for someone just to talk with for a few minutes.

i talked for almost an hour with a guy, mainly about a book he just read. it's called "rule by secrecy" - i forgot the name of the author. according to this guy the book is about powerful families and individuals that have controlled society over a long period of time. about religion and politics. about the fact that many wars were started by rich and powerful people who want to gain more money and power. they can't tell their troops to go out and kill people just for the sake of money. they won't say that they don't like this other race and the control they have. so they make up another reason to go to war. keeping the people misinformed and have them looking for clues elsewhere.

that reminded me of a magician. aren't we always watching the wrong hand? and afterwards we have no idea how the lady disappeared from the box.

i might try to get that book myself. the guy said it's difficult reading at first, but once you get into it, you can't put it down. i could tell you more, but i want to go back to bed and sleep at least another hour or two.