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well ok then. that list of seven things from my last entry..

let's forget about our royal family for now. they are always in the news already anyway. there's really no need to write about them, each time they fuck up..

the guitarist that i mentioned is from deacon blue, a band from the late 1980s. more about that here.

links to interesting things that i find on the web
i think this journal isn't always the right place for that. i don't want to turn tamar into one big linkdump. perhaps i should revive my other journal which has been dormant for some time now, or start a whole new journal. i already have a name for one.

the euro 2004 football championships in portugal
there have been eight matches so far, which means that each team has played once now. i have seen four or five whole matches and some highlights of the other games. expect much more talk about football here soon, mostly about the dutch team. i'm a relatively neutral supporter by the way. of course i want the dutch team to win this championship, but not at all costs. not if they really suck.

four items on the list dealt with. three to go. later..