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it started off so well..

the good news is that this match between holland and the czech republic was clearly the best of the tournament so far. with creative, attacking football on both sides and lots of scoring chances.

after 19 minutes it was holland 2 - czech republic 0
there was some controversy about the second goal. van nistelrooy was offside, but not according to the new interpretation of the offside law. and.. later van nistelrooy was denied a penalty, so i guess that makes it even. sort of.

just four minutes after van nistelrooy's goal, koller scored 2 - 1 for the czechs. i can't say they didn't deserve it.

the second half
in the 58th minute dutch coach dick advocaat made a huge mistake. robben was replaced by paul bosvelt. this made no sense at all. robben had kept the czechs quite busy and he was also part of the action that resulted in the two dutch goals. it seemed like the czechs got more into the game and twelve minutes later baros equalised.

then heitinga was shown a second yellow card. just a little push of heitinga and nedved fell over like he was hit by a truck. with two minutes to go van der sar saved a shot by heinz. poborsky was first to the rebound and he gave the ball to smicer, who scored.
holland 2 czech republic 3

what happens next?
well, the czechs go through to the quarter-finals. their third match is against germany. and even if they care enough to make an efford, they are certainly keeping a few of their best players on the bench. and if germany wins, they are certain of a place in the quarter-finals as well. the dutch need to win when they meet latvia on wednesday. and another condition is that germany doesn't.
win, that is..

in other words: we're screwed!


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Jun. 21st, 2004 01:28 am (UTC)
It sucks cock. Man. It sucks!
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