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i'm thankful for lots of things, i just don't feel the need or obligation to thank someone (or something) personally. least of all the errmm.. lord above. what i'm thankful for? let me see..
  1. i'm thankful for my family, for their love, their understanding and support.
  2. i'm thankful for my girlfriend, for her body and her mind and for the time we spend together.
  3. i'm thankful for my friend henk, who's my html guru and so much more.
  4. i'm thankful for my friends, the old ones and the new.
  5. i'm thankful for the internet. (don't laugh) what i meant was: all these things i keep discovering online, the wonderful people (and the morons) that i get to know from all over the globe and the ability to connect with them. yes, that means you as well..
  6. i'm thankful for the sun coming up every day.
  7. i'm thankful for this world, because no matter how hard some people try to destroy mother earth, she doesn't give up the fight.
thanksgiving is not a holiday in the netherlands. it's a typically american celebration. in this part of the world turkey is just another country. :b


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Nov. 29th, 2002 01:29 am (UTC)
hey there... i just added you to my list if you don't mind. i saw that you posted something on a book community (your username resembles that of my ex) and then i saw you were in netherlands, though i haven't heard of your town. (what province?) you seem to have good taste, so i added you.
Nov. 29th, 2002 05:31 pm (UTC)
hi kari,

no i don't mind. added you to mine. the province is called gelderland. what's your connection with the netherlands, by the way?

good taste? thanks, but please tell me, how have you come to that conclusion? oh and i'm still thinking about your bio. if i finally get it, i'll let you know... ~^~
Nov. 29th, 2002 07:45 pm (UTC)

i think that i meant you have good taste in music. i seem to remember leonard cohen, patti smith on your list. sorry, my bio is not very user friendly. i have gotten tired of writing those after years of journalling. the confusing part.. it means something about the fact that while other people seem to be settling down and choosing careers i have not done so. i appear a bit immature by average standards, as i don't have a "trade" yet. but i will soon, i think.

anyway, i look at all the stuff around us and.. it doesn't seem like i help in any way. at the same time, i am so critical of all of it (you know, cars, consumption) that i don't really want to. the world's in a shambles.

oh! i see where gelderland is. i should have known... as for me, i was living in friesland over the summer and i am coming back to live in haarlem (heemstede) for a little while. i don't want to stay in the netherlands forever, but it has been interesting and i like it more than where i'm from.. like most people, i guess.

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