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don't blame me if you didn't see any photos in my journal yesterday. most of them are on imageshack. a couple of other people that have their pics stored in that place seem to have the same experience. like the women of lessthan5. haha that line on their info page still makes me smile: we want to make them pee pees hard!!! (their words, not mine)
i do hope they will be careful though. i know it's just a bit of fun for them but that might not be the case for everyone..

i'm going to check how imageshack behaves in the next few days. i still have an old photobucket account and a couple of other places where i can store stuff. and i could use pics.livejournal.com some more, i'll see..


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Jun. 24th, 2005 01:20 am (UTC)
I used the album on LJ for pics, an still do. It seems okay, but teh whole of LJ is getting so slow nowadays.

There is a facility to add the pics to your posts, but I have never quite mastered that.
Jun. 24th, 2005 08:54 am (UTC)
i don't know what you mean exactly, a facility to add pics to your posts?
Jun. 26th, 2005 03:57 pm (UTC)
Yes, I beleive that you can.

I use the LJ client Semagic, and it has some stuff in there for including pictures, and I think it has the include in post option. There is a community for that LJ add on.

I have to admit, I have and was finding the whole LJ system so slow, and that is what prompted my semi or half move to the other domain as listed in my friends only post. I may return completely to my LJ though.
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